connecticut team

SreeKeerthi ManurSreekantaMurthyGari (President) - Grade 12
Eepsitha Muppasani (Secretary) - Grade 10
Eekansh Muppasani (Treasurer) - Grade 10
SreePreethi ManurSreekantaMurthyGari (Member) - Grade 2
Kaleb Gleeson (Member) - Grade 12
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Phoebe Jones (Member) - Grade 10
Abigail Caruso (Member) - Grade 10


On October 10, 2020, the CT group donated various non-perishable goods to Enfield Loaves and Fishes, a local soup kitchen. The staff was struggling due to the pandemic, and our donations brought a smile to their faces. They were very excited to see young children taking initiative in the community. 

Due to the ongoing threat of Covid-19, the Connecticut chapter will be starting slow. Follow our social media accounts for more updates.  


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