My name is Ashvath Goteti and I am currently 13 years old. I go to John Adams Middle School and will be starting 8th grade this summer. Some of my interests consist of playing tennis, basketball, and other sports.I joined Hope4Spandana because I wanted to help the millions of children who are not so fortunate to have the resources that children living in the U.S have and spread awareness of autism and autistic children who need our help.

I am Nirali Lavani, a junior in high school. I love to dance and i have been learning indian classical for the past 8 years. I have also competed nationally and i internationally and my team has won great awards.I am also part of my schools track team for three years now. every Saturday i go to temple to learn and to give back by doing "seva", seva is known to be the act of giving and the act of helping others in any way possible, this is also a form of community service. i also choreograph dances for our temple events which i have been doing for three years now. Despite giving back to the community i also enjoy spending time with younger children and children my age! I'm currently training to be a mentor for a school club, which is dedicated to help guide students throughout their high school life. one of the reasons why Hope4Spandana is close to my heart is because this organization is reaching out to children diagnosed with autism in India but it is also spreading awareness in america. The amount of success we have reached in just three months is immense and i hope we grow to reach greater heights.

Hey I'm Anjana Goteti, I am currently a junior at  JP Stevens High School. I play tennis for my school team and completed my dance graduation after 10 years of classical training and now volunteer and teach. I love exercising, laughing, helping others and just being myself. Hope4Spandana inspired me to make a difference in my community and spread awareness of autism and help autistic children through this wonderful nonprofit organization.

Hi, I'm Maria. Me and my friends at Hope4Spandana are working on this cause to get more people to understand the seriousness of Autism and its rise. In doing so, we would get closer to finding a cure.  I also want more people to join in supporting our cause. Thanks for supporting!

Hope4Spandana members

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I am Anjali Madgula, a junior at John P. Stevens High School. Being a part of Hope4Spandana is my way of being an active member of my community here and of my community back in India. Through the organization I met so many people that I would have never spoken to before. It allowed me to cross new horizons and perform at various locations including Times Square itself. I applaud the various programs created specifically for children with Autism such as music therapy and group therapy and wish to see such amazing amenities available in India too. To me “no child left behind” does not mean tests mandated to measure each child into a percentage. It means that every child is treated like the star full of potential that they truly are. It means that they have the chance to create a happy and healthy future for themselves and receive a comprehensive education. Outside of the organization, I am passionate about writing, activism and the environment. 

HI I'm Aarati Srikumar, a junior at John P. Stevens High School who enjoys running, singing, and spending time with family and friends. I love dogs, hiking, and just having fun! But I also want to help and care for other people. This shows in my dedication and involvement in Hope4Spandana. I find it both philanthropic and very important to help kids in need. In the future, I hope to go into the medical field and help other by becoming a doctor or a researcher. 

Hey my name is Kevin. I am currently in my junior year at J.P Stevens High School. I like to watch TV and hang out with friends and so much more. Joining H4S helps me hang out with friends, dance, and help children with autism have a better life. It's an amazing way to make a difference in the world. I have always liked helping people and helping life become easier to live. Being a part of this organization shows me a way where I can give a helping hand to the people who need it. H4S helps change the world for the better. 

Hi, I’m Arnav Patel, a sophomore at J.P. Stevens High School. In H4S, I work to communicate with everyone to encourage them to come out to more and more events.Outside of school, I like to take part in many cultural events, such as a spring dance every year, and in many afterschool clubs. When I first joined Hope4Spandana, I joined because I heard it was a dance group. But now that I have participated in H4S for many months, I know for a fact, that I was nowhere near the truth. After volunteering in the many events and learning about the children in India at TREDT, I feel that I am able to understand the struggles children around the world partake in, making me realize how lucky we are today. As a member of this wonderful family, I have become a better person overall, and I am encouraged to keep pushing my limit and helping out as much as I can.

Hi, my name is Riya Kishen and I am currently in 6th grade at Terrill Middle School. I joined Hope 4 Spandana because it means so much to me to help other people who are autistic. I would love to be a doctor and find a cure to autism because of how much it has affected our world and what it has done to some other people. I love to play piano and saxophone and do gymnastics. I am also part of a dance academy called Arya where I do bollywood dance and I also do Bhartnatyam, which is Indian classical dance, at a dance school called Shubanjali School of Dance. By joining H4S I wish to do whatever I can to not only raise funds for autism but to help all the children in the world who have been diagnosed with it.Type your paragraph here.

As a young child, I always wondered how I could be like some other children my age who were doing great things with their lives, like starting organizations and raising funds for people in need. When I joined Hope4Spandana, I saw how it was possible and all the effort that was put into it. Joining this organization has allowed me to reach out to my community and has given me precious knowledge-knowledge which has changed my life. It has also taught me that if you try hard enough, you can accomplish anything. When I grow up, I would like to be a doctor, and through Hope4Spandana, I have met and interacted with many different types of people, who are all unique. Every person I met, I learned something from, which has deepened my urge to become a doctor and help people. I am very thankful to Hope4Spandana for all the lessons it has taught me and all the opportunities it has given me, for I now feel as if I am a better citizen-a better person.  

Hello! My name is Sanjay Srikumar and I am a sophomore at J.P Stevens High School. I enjoy playing most sports but mainly play soccer in and out of school. I have volunteered at JFK Medical Center and participated in many clubs, mainly the robotics club. I am a rather optimistic person that enjoys problem solving and hope to use my skills to assist H4S anyway I can. I am glad that I’ve joined this nonprofit organization because it not only helps me give back to the world, but also makes me a better and more knowledgeable person. I have realized how privileged I am to live in a supportive community and hope that I can provide the opportunities that I was given to children that have been diagnosed with Autism.

Hope4Spandana is Hope 4 Autism


Hi everyone, my name is Sraavya and I'm a newly joined member of Hope4Spandana. I'm currently 16 years old and live in NJ. During my free time I enjoy playing volleyball, going to the movies, and traveling. I joined Hope4Spandana at first not knowing much about Autism, but now that I have learned how serious the issue is I'm glad to be a part of an organization that can really give back to the community. I get to have fun dancing at events, as well as spread the word about Autism. :) 

I am Riya Nigam, a freshman at J.P. Stevens High School. I have danced all my life, particularly enjoying Bollywood and classical style Oddisi. Hope4Spandana gave me an opportunity to use my moves for a better cause.  Not only do I have fun dancing with some amazing people, but I help in raising awareness of a topic that should be brought to everyone's attention.

I am Sachit, I currently go to John Adams Middle School. Originally, the only reason I joined was that my sister did. However, after spending 6 months with H4S, I learned more about autism and realized the urgency of helping autistic children. Through my hobby dance, I got to perform and help raise money. I am now definitely glad I joined H4S! 

Hi! My name is Kajol Patel. My hobbies include design, drawing, and reading. I joined Hope4Spandana because as a student aspiring to be a medical professional and attending a medical academy I understand the increasing need of funds for research for many diseases including Autism. I want to help people around the world as a profession and this organization allows me to get a headstart on that! My ambitions for the future are to simply help as many people as I can and raise as much awareness about Autism as I can. I hope to become a neurologist and play a key part in determining the definitive cause for diseases such as Autism.Type your paragraph here.Type your paragraph here.

Hi! My name is Ritvik Khandelwal, a sophomore in John P. Stevens high school. I take part in many activities. These include playing tennis for the school team, Key Club, and FBLA. I also volunteer at the Menlo Park Veteran’s Home. I joined Hope4Spandana because I was told that this nonprofit organizing was all about supporting autistic children, and I wanted to help too. I hope that I can make a difference and help spread awareness about autism. 

Hi my name is Divi Patil and I am a member of H4S. I love to dance and be active in my daily life and I love to smile! Being a part of H4S of has been an awesome experience and I can't wait to continue being a part of H4S. H4S has helped me understand the true joy of being able to help those in need and really feel like you are making a difference. I am so proud of everything we have accomplished so far and can't wait to keep making a difference!

I am Sharwani Kota, a junior at John P. Stevens High School. I founded Hope4Spandana in hope of spreading awareness and raising funds for children diagnosed with Autism, both nationally and internationally. I have been working on this cause for 3 years and have had the opportunity to help over 70 kids and donate $5000 to St. Peter’s Hospital for research purposes. From all my experiences in working with the Autistic children in Spandana School, I have learned how important it is to help others and give back to our own society. I have learned how to be a successful, strong leader, manage many tasks, and voice my beliefs in front of many. Outside of H4S, I play a traditional, classical instrument called the Veena and actively participate in several school clubs. In the future, I aspire to become a neurosurgeon so as to discover more about neurological disorders like Autism.

My name is Esha Khandelwal. I am in high school and involve myself in many activities including tennis and golf on the school team, FBLA, and Project Sunshine. Outside of school, I volunteer at JFK Hospital, Red Cross, and Roosevelt Care Center. I am also currently involved with the Hope4Spandana Organization. When my friend first came to me, I thought this was a wonderful opportunity, and immediately joined in. I was told that the Hope4Spandana mission statement is to raise money for autistic children and raise awareness and thought that it was a great idea. I think just spreading awareness for this particular cause is enough because many autistic children (especially in India) are treated poorly, and the best thing we can do as high schoolers is to let people know of this disorder. We have been and will continue fundraising and reaching out by performing dance pieces in malls, old homes, and other public centers. I have great hopes for this organization because each and every one of us is dedicated and I know we can do wonders to help.

Hey! My name is Shreya Devarakonda and I'm a junior at J.P Stevens High School. I am a part of this organization because we are constantly around those with autism, and we don't give it much thought and as much attention that it deserves. As a member of this group, I hope to make a difference and do my best in spreading awareness for this disease.

The only thing as strong as my love for the arts is my desire to help others. Unlike most of my peers, I do not have much of a background in dancing. However, a great portion of my interests are music-related, such as singing (in my high school's many choir ensembles as well as solo) and playing Classical Indian Violin. I knew that in order to join Hope4Spandana and help those in need I would have to overcome my inability to dance. I am happy to be supporting a cause as important as Autism Awareness through music

Hi, my name is Arya Massand. I am currently a sophomore at JP Stevens high school. One of my many passions in life is singing; this is something I undoubtedly do on a daily basis. Another, is helping others in need. I do this by helping raise money and awareness for Autism through the charity Hope4Spandana. I feel that giving back to society is the greatest deed I can do. It gives me a feeling like no other, one that gives me a sense of satisfaction, like I'm fulfilling my duty. I am extremely delighted to be working for such an honorable cause. Hope4Spandana is hope 4 Autism and I am so glad that I have this opportunity to help those in need.   

I’m Navya Menon, an 8th grader at John Adams Middle School. I‘m a swimmer and dancer, and I like art. The reason I joined hope4spandana is because I want to help children in need that are diagnosed with Autism. Dancing provides a unique way of expressing myself and raises donations for the cause. My goals for hope4spandna are that we are able to help to find a cure for Autism in the near future